Business Onsite

$90/hour, Weekdays

Because your business can't wait, we offer quick, onsite business-class service. From simple malware to Linux based servers, we can have you back up and running, in no time. We know what it takes to run a small business and we have the tools to help.

Reliable IT Support

When you team up with our friendly, knowledgeable support engineers, we'll work hard to tailor a solution that is right for you. Unlike the big box stores and retail giants, we deliver a personal experience and will never recommend a solution we don't fully trust. It is very important to us that you receive the correct support, solutions, hardware and software to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Having the wrong tools can cause downtime, less productivity and a loss of morale. 

Fast Response

When computers crash and networks go down the disruption leads to loss of productivity, but we all know what that really means: employees unable to do their jobs costs money. Computer problems happen, it's a fact of the modern age, but our engineers respond quickly, to get you back up and running. Call us, and you will always get an English-speaking, local support engineer to help you. 

Improved Uptime and Peace of Mind

It doesn't matter if it's 24/7 monitoring or the occasional call out, our job is to make your problems disappear. We make suggestions that will improve your computer experience, helping to avoid problems, before they begin. Knowing that your computer systems are under the watchful eye of our trained support engineers, you can sleep at night with improved uptime and peace of mind. 


How Many Spheres Will I Need

What Can I Expect?

  • Google Business Virtual Tour and panoramic photo editing using Google Street View technology.
  • Minimum of 5 still photography shots. You are free to use these images on your Google Business Page, your website, your social media pages, your online directories and marketing/publishing material.
  • We'll upload your photospheres and create a virtual tour on your Google Business Page.
  • Your interactive Google Virtual Business tour is hosted by Google, at no additional cost. Google does not charge monthly or annual fees and the photospheres are yours to keep.
  • Our basic fee (below) covers a normal, small unhindered layout. All photospheres must be within 3 yards of each other, to ensure proper linking.
  • We'll probably require an in-person walk through, to get you the most accurate price and we offer free estimates.

Let's Talk Turkey.

Finally, down to business, a 5 photosphere virtual tour starts at $250. Typically, Google requires at least 2 images, on the exterior of your business, leading up to the front door. Images must be no more than 3 yards apart, inside and out. From there, pricing is quite simple. Each additional photosphere is $70. We offer discounted, seasonal, "refresher" photoshoots and discounts, if you get your neighboring businesses to schedule, the same day.

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