LSI SAS 9361-4i, Asus H270-Pro, Ubuntu 16, GPT

by Super User

Basically, I have a LSI Megaraid 9361-4i, coupled to 2 Western Digital 8tb golds, plugged into a pci-e slot, on an Asus H270 pro motherboard and the partition needs to be GPT.

Ubuntu sometimes has a hard time dealing with GPT. It does a lot of things pretty well and automatically, but not this. Our RAID card is legacy BIOS, and UEFI doesn't really work that well with it, right out of the box. I mean, the motherboard and the card play nice, right out of the box, you just have to do a little extra config in Ubuntu to get them to work, perfectly.

Facebook: Unfollowed Still Getting Notifications on Timeline

by Super User

We all get those people that use their personal Facebook pages to display adds, every hour, for sunglasses, herbal remedies, miracle candles or annoyinig social/political views. If you want to remain "friends" with them, but don't want to see their posts anymore, it is easy enough to unfollow them, but what if they still show up? You might have forgotten a setting. 

Reset USB HDD, Over SSH, Without Unplugging

by Super User

There comes a time when we write a script that requires us to unplug and replug some USB component. In my case, a 6tb hdd, in a USB Inateck docking station.  I'm not sure if this process will work the same for every device, but it worked for me. I'm running Ubuntu 16.02 Server and here's what I did.