The Grandparent's Scam

by Super User

"Grandpa?" the young male on the other end of the line opens the scam.

"Who is this?" You ask suspiciously. 

This is the classic opening for what has become known as the Grandparent's scam. It purposely targets the older people of our society, trying to trick them into handing over credit card information an other personal details they can use to defraud. Usually, it works. If it didn't, the scammers wouldn't keep trying it.

Avoid Holiday Phone Scamms

by Super User

Phone scamms are on the rise, this year, with almost 1.3 million fraud-related complaints, fraud has risen almost 2 percent, from 2015, and most people said their scammer used a phone.

According to Katherine Hutt, a spokeswoman at the Better Business Bureau, fraudsters need to build some kind of relationship with the victim in order to convince them to hand over money. The FTC says, victims paid out a total of $744 million (U.S.) to fraudsters last year, with the average losing more than $1,100.

Dropbox Won't Install/Upgrade

by Super User

For months I've been having an issue where Dropbox would not install on a client's computer. I would download the app, run it, which it wouild ask for permission, then close. Dropbox's official advise, from their support team, first, it was "a corrupted installer. Download it again and retry." Next, they had me try the offline version. Then it was my virus scanner. Finally, "It's profile corruption. Create a new profile and install the update from that." Of course, I had a sneaky suspicion it was something else, so I started digging around in her program files and found Boxifier.