Make the Ultra VNC Service Self-Restarting

by Super User

Sometimes, when providing remote support on a malware case, the cleaning tool sees VNC as a malicious program and kills the service. We can combat this, by making the service self-restarting. 

Ultra VNC autoreconnect

Ultra VNC Autoreconnect

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Ultra VNC is a great way to offer tech support and has a little known feature, allowing the server to automatically reconnect the viewer, called autoreconnect. This method will survive reboots but maybe not some malware scanners.

Custom vs System Built Computer

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For the layman out there, that may not know what I'm talking about, a "system build" is a computer built by a large manufacturing company. Visit your local Best Buy and you can see these brands all along the shelves. A custom built computer is anything assembled from custom parts, all purchased separately, such as the motherboard, cpu, ram, hard drive, etc. Although each may be suited for slightly different tasks, they are not interchangeable, when it comes to certain categories. Here, at Acadiana Computer Repair, we typically use top-of-the-line computer components, staying away from the cheap stuff that breaks and doesn't work properly. Here are some differences in our custom computers vs an off-the-shelf, system build.