Increasing the Cipher Strength in Postfix 3.3.0

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nmap smtp port scan ciphers Increasing the Cipher Strength in Postfix 3.3.0In some situations, it's necessary to increase the cipher strength of the software we use, in order to meet certain compliance regulations, such as PCI/DSS and HIPPA. In order to meet these requirements, we must implement stronger TLS cipher requirements. These measures include, removing SSL and the lower versions of TLS, such as TLSv1.0.

Ubuntu 18 Bind9 with Custom Config Flags for DLZ Support

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bind9 ubuntu source compiling

There comes a time when some of the packages needed might not have been compiled with all the options you require. For instance, if you need Bind9 to interface with Samba4's setting of BIND_DLZ, you need to recompile bind9 with dlz support. It doesn't come with it enabled. 

Windows 10: Full Backup Before a Disaster

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Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning strikes or just the computer tripping over its own feet. Disasters happen and there are two types of people in this world: Those who have lost data and those who will lose data. It's just a matter of time, honestly. With normal backups, especially before a disaster, you can always be prepared.