For Home or Business

Home or business, no job is too small for Acadiana Computer Repair. We service all of Acadiana, from the smallest computers to the largest company. Big or small, we can help. Our computer repair, network and server setups are above and beyond what you're used to. 

In Office

Looking for the best value? Save some money and bring your computer to us for a little TLC. While your computer is pampered in technological luxury, we'll do everything we can to get it running right, again

Weekdays,$50 per hour


Don't have time to bring your computer to us? Does your problem require on-site help? Waiting for the kids to get off school and can't leave? No problem, we'll come to you.

Weekdays,$70 per hour


Because your business can't wait, we offer quick, onsite business-class service. From simple malware to Linux based servers, we can have you back up and running, in no time. We know what it takes to run a small business and we have the tools to help.

Weekdays,$90 per hour


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